Wires-X System

Recently, we added the Yaesu Wires X system to only the digital portion of the local 443.875 repeater C4FM. As always the analog part is always available to the ARES and K8QIK members. When the analog system is NOT in-use the repeater is available to those who have the System Fusion Yaesu digital equipment. The Wires X Node is permanently connected to the Ohio Link Network. There are 10 other repeaters in Ohio connected.

The Ohio Link Network

The purpose of the network was to try to generate more awareness to Fusion in Ohio. A few of us noticed that we did not have much traffic on each of the individual repeaters, and decided to try to link them together to see what would happen. We started out linking the KD8FJH 443.0625 Stoutsville machine, KE8O 443.55 Delaware machine, and the N8YMT 444.1 Columbus machine. This was named the Central Ohio Link.

After a few months we started getting some interest from other areas of the state, and renamed the room to the Ohio Link. We then added repeaters in Mansfield, Akron, Portsmouth, Bainbridge, Lancaster, and a few others that link in from time to time. These are in addition to the Wires-X room, #40557.

We added a YSF reflector #40838, which allows everyone with a digtail hotspot to connect into the network anywhere where they have internet, and a hotspot. Also, in order to not to leave the DMR users out, we bridged over to a Bandmaster talkgroup, 31399. There is also an analog link to IRLP, #4185 and Echolink, KD8GRN-R.

Visit the Ohio Link website at http://www.olnradio.digital/ or check out the Ohio Link YSF group on Facebook

Ohio Link Frequency List
  • Wires X = Ohio Link : 40557
  • YSF = Ohio Link : 48038
  • Brandmister : TG31399
  • IRLP : 4185/ Echolink KD8GRN-R
Frequency Callsign City County
443.0625+ KD8FJH Stoutsville Fairfield
443.550+ KE8O Delaware Delaware
444.100+ N8YMT Columbus Franklin
443.225+ N8RGO Mansfield Richland
443.5875+ KD8YCF Akron Summit
443.625+ KD8FJH Bainbridge Ross
145.450- W8WBV West Portsmouth Scioto
443.875+ K8QIK Lancaster Fairfield
444.850+ Newark Licking